Kick with your fleet! 

Hundreds of smaller, dense areas have a need for eco-friendly micromobility solutions. KICK fleets can provide transportation solutions to more places. 


Scan each scooter into the Kick Admin app when they arrive.

Drop  Kicks

Drop your Kicks in your ideal location to start your day.


Keep track of your earnings through the day even when away.


Pick up your KICKS or even better replace the battery with a fully charged one.

Rent your Fleet

Rent your fleet on your own terms as you find convenient.

Kick It!

It's so easy! If you don't do it. You should Kick yourself. 😂

Ready to Start your Journey?

Download the KICK app today!

Kick puts your city at your feet with fast, enjoyable scooter rides that will get you from A to B and see everything in between without the hassle.